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WTMC is a disruptor

Simply put, we got fed up of being told it cannot be done. We believe that we have found a better way to manage corporate travel and have been quietly doing it for our clients.

WTMC are self-funded, fiercely tech-centric & agile; and are unwaveringly committed to creating the next gen travel management platform providing travel management company services for corporate clients and business travel, particularly micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

We don’t believe in benchmarking ourselves solely against our fellow travel industry members. We continually seek and partner with innovative, like-minded players across industries to strengthen our offering, maximize savings & benefits and minimize overall spend.

Our client list consists predominantly of unicorns and industry mavericks. Proof that our proprietary methods work.

The WTMC Difference
Global  •  Digital  •  Disruptive
True Global Travel Platform At WTMC, the sun never sets... From San Francisco to Sydney, we operate across three continents as a single, wholly owned entity supported by one travel platform. This allows us to consistently offer the exact same customer experience to all of our travelers - no matter what their origination or destination. 24/7/365 Seamless Service Experience When it comes to service, we are fastidious perfectionists. We believe in - No Subsidiaries No Franchises No Affiliates Riding on our cohesive technology platform is a homogeneous high touch service offering tailored to a clients’ corporate travel policy that spans across our wholly owned service centers three continents. When we say the sun never sets at WTMC - We mean it. Unified Data Data is the wellspring of a well-tuned travel program. Our platform is engineered to collect and house travel data in a unified manner across client offices - irrespective of city or country. With a 360 perspective on data, WTMC can customize and optimize a clients’ travel program at any time, helping us to best meet our client goals including - insightful reporting, cost efficiencies & savings. Singular Technology Platform We go well beyond the mere look and feel or veneer of a unified customer interface. Our single global technology platform enables WTMC to access, issue, amend or cancel traveler itineraries – and deliver frictionless service, no matter the travelers’ time zone or location. Designed from the ground up to handle the complexities of business travel, the platform compares fare pricing across geographies to provide our clients the benefit of even greater savings.
Full Spectrum Content • All Geographical Points of Sales • Ancillary Content • NDC/Direct Connect • Multi-GDS Intelligence & Automation • Pricing/Contract Optimatization • Advanced Policy Compliance • AI-Driven Contextual Real-Time Traveler Notification & Recommendations 100% Transparency 360 Visiblility • Multi-source Data Collection • Realtime Advanced BI & Reporting • Data-Driven Program Review & Optimization

A conventional mega TMC’s global service platform is a mirage waiting to be uncovered

Old School Global TMC = Independent Franchises

Peel back the onion that is a conventional Mega TMC, and you will find a network of separately owned, smaller regional TMC’s that service clients under one umbrella brand.

When Global Is Not Truly Global You Get

  • Inconsistent Service Experience

    Each franchisee under the umbrella ‘Mega TMC’ brand has its own standard operating procedures (SOPs).

    This is particularly true in the case of after hour services, that vary not only by the franchisee but also by time zone. Its not surprising then, that beneath the logo and brand colors - travelers encounter varying levels of service or protocol depending on which country they work in or are travelling to.

  • Incongruent & Incomplete Data

    A network of franchisee TMCs means unique SOPs, varied booking tools and different distribution systems.

    A client must now learn to work with multiple systems – resulting in variations in data processing, collection & as a result reporting formats. The consequences? Wasted time & the additional burden of manually parsing, reconciling and unifying large volumes of data. Its no wonder that Mega TMCs are unable to provide Travel & Procurement managers with consolidated snapshots of travel spend across office or travel locations, thus hindering effective decision making, and ability to adapt & problem solve in real time.

  • Incomplete View of Travel Activity

    The sheer inability of different legacy systems to communicate with each other results in limited transparency leaving an incomplete picture of travel activity. Missing data in the travel program’s duty of care & inability to accurately optimize the program at will are serious issues.

    The loss of savings is inexcusable, but the loss of life during a travel crisis in an increasingly unstable world – is unacceptable.

MEGA TMC Misadventures with A “Global” Old School

Example A business traveller flies from their London office to San Francisco for a meeting. Later during the day, the traveler needs to make a change in their itinerary.

Let’s see what happens.

  • Traveler
  • I need to change my itinerary.
  • Traveler
  • I thought this was a global TMC and I could access you from anywhere in the world! I will just call the airline and do it myself!
  • 4:30PM PST

    US TMC Office


    Can you please hold for a moment? I don’t have access to your booking since it was done by our London office let me transfer you and they will be happy to help you.

  • 12:30AM GMT

    London TMC Office

    Sorry you have called outside of business hours - our office is currently closed.

    Press #1 if you wish to be transferred to our After Hours Team who will be happy to help you.

  • 7:30AM PHT

    After Hours TMC Office in Philippines

    Please send me your travel itinerary and the changes you wish to make over email.

    I will need to verify your team’s travel policy for budgets and the rules of this itinerary booked with your London office before being able to make the change. Someone will revert to you over the next few hours without fail.

One would think a single call would resolve such a simple matter.

However, with most TMCs, a local destination office is unable to directly assist, ping ponging the traveler back to their home office TMC branch.

What if this was an emergency that required immediate action?

We think it's time for change

With the best & brightest

from both inside & outside the industry

Our team comprises of individuals who have built service and technology solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world – from Fortune 100 companies to leading unicorns.

We’re rebuilding the industry from the ground up

Service DNA x Technology 
is our foundation

  • Fare Hacking

  • Technology,
    Robotics & AI

  • Service Experience

  • Corporate Travel

   Corporate Travel Management

    Re-Imagined & Re-Engineered


  • Happy


    • Ease of use paired with a high level of service
    • Optimal levels of comfort within company's travel policy
    • Full visibilty to global content including ancillaries such as preferred seating selection, etc
    • Predictive real-time recommendations and notifications
  • Serene

    Travel Manager

    • 360-degree view on travel activity
    • Balanced travel program aligning travelers' needs and wants with corporate travel spend goals
    • Full service contract negotiations
    • Quarterly strategic program review
  • Pacified


    • Complete view of travel spend
    • Guaranteed savings & cost controls
    • Flexibility in modifying & optimizing the travel program driven by actionable real-time data
Our clients include some of the largest global unicorns, entertainment, finance, legal, media & technology firms. If you are looking to break the current travel paradigm - contact us

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